Mapajo Ecolodge Day By Day Itinerary

We invite you for a unique opportunity to experience the Bolivian Amazon Rainforest. Come experience the beauty that is our home and let us share with you the richness of our Mosetén and T’simane cultures. We invite the visitor to our Moseten and Tsiman communities to participate in daily activities and learn about how we use forest elements for existing in our environment. We are MAPAJO Ecoturismo Indígena, the only community-based indigenous ecotourism enterprise offering you the opportunity to enjoy the natural reserve and indigenous territory Pilon Lajas, one of the most biodiverse areas in the world. We take you to the heart of Pilon Lajas: the Quiquibey River. Here one can experience the wonderful Amazon rainforest in its natural state, observe the many varieties of flora and fauna, discover the Mosetén and T’simane cultures, and enjoy our way of life.