Madidi Jungle Ecolodge Facilities

The cabins have been constructed on the banks of the Tuichi River (3 hours by boat from Rurrenabaque). The architecture and design correspond to vernacular style of Amazon cultures and were constructed with materials found in the local forest and that do not harm the environment. We have recovered age-old wisdom from our Uchupiamonas ancestor to provide comfort and safety at our facility. The Ecolodge is designed for the visitor to experience pure contact with nature; at all times during the stay they can feel the magic and charm of nature.

We have a system of trails designed for the discovery of the humid tropical forest. We offer more than 15 km of trails, where the visitor will be able to learn and see the local flora and fauna. This knowledge will be acquired with the company of a local expert in the interpretation of forest.

Lighting at our facilities in fueled by 100% alternative energy using solar panels. For greywater treatment we have designed a system of solid and liquid waste separation based on septic tanks that are renewable in time. Organic waste is buried on location so it converts to natural nutrients, while the inorganic wastes are taken away from the Ecolodge to Rurrenabaque, where compost and recycling is possible.

Our efforts seek to reduce the Ecological Footprint to the maximum; however, without your help this will not be possible.