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Hamadryade Lodge

In Ecuador, this is the perfect Amazon Lodge. At Hamadryade Lodge, we offer a wide range of activities as; Land activities from Jungle to Indigenous communities and Water activities from swimming in pristine waterfalls to rafting down incredible rivers. Whatever your age (even small kids) and condition, we have something beautiful and amazing that you can enjoy and discover.
Starting from 2014 we also offer some new wellness programs at Hamadryade Lodge. We offer a wide variety of retreats and courses for people looking a better healthier life. Some examples of these courses are; a yoga retreat and a wide range of possible massages. Amongst our choice of health treatments, Hamadryade Lodge offers you: Acupressure, MLD, Ecuadorian roses Mousse Ritual, Reflexology, Youth-enhancing Face Care or get the Face Care option (as an addition to another massage from the menu).