Anavilhanas Lodge Facilities

There are 16 suites in our Lodge, all of them equipped with split air conditioning, box beds, hot and cold water, fridge and an inviting porch. The architecture is in line with the regional tradition: lots of  hay and suspended wooden structures, holding cozy rooms where our guests will find peace and quiet for an invigorating night’s sleep. Throughout the hotel, the homespun atmosphere comes from modern forms and contours which enhance the grace of natural materials and their functions in the structure. It is wonderful to notice how nature is generous when treated with care and skill.

Our restaurant is hidden amidst the trees, but through them it is possible to behold the dark water river, so dark that it has been called Rio Negro (Black River). In the menu, you will find a blend of classic traditional dishes with international cuisine, prepared and served with diligence for an impeccable presentation.