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Amazon Village Lodge
User: david
Date: 6/30/2010 6:07 am
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What a fantastic experience! I can only recommend this trip, as we had 4 absolutely fantastic days at the Amazon Village Lodge.

After being picked up in Manaus we had a boats tour across the Amazon Rainforest with the last part being done by canoe. You feel like civilisation is thousands of miles away.

Our guide, German speaking, Elgo, was amazing, very funny with lots of insights into the plants and trees of the Amazon rainforest. The eco-lodge was very comfortable (even though very dark as electricity is sipplied by power generators), the food great, the staff extremely friendly (we even went down to the river one night and made music with some of the tour guides playing guitar and tambourines) and the other travellers so much fun we probably made friends for life.

Absolutely loved the lodge and the tours, it was well worth the money. :-)