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Amazon travel lodge to lodge in Ecuador
User: Admin
Date: 10/13/2011 1:41 pm
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Voyagers travel will be organizing a new type of Amazon travel program.


We are excited to anounce new unique travel programs that will allow visitors to experience the very best of the Ecuador Amazon basin.

We have joined efforts with several lodges in the Ecuador Amazon basin and formed a product club. The travellers experience will be enhanced tremendously.

Now visitors to the Ecuador Amazon can combine several lodges in one trip, or a lodge stay with an Amazon cruise and enjoy both cultural encounters as some of the best wildlife viewing on the planet.

A couple examples of the new travel programs are:

6 night Amazon tour - 3 nights at Kapawi Amazon lodge where you will experience the Achuar culture and unique way of life + 3 nights at the Napo Wildlife Center enjoying the most biodiverse National Park on the planet the famous Yasuni.

Other itineraries combine the Manatee Amazon Explorer riverboat with Sani Lodge, or a true expedition starting from Quito and driving down the Andes visiting San Isidro cloudforest lodge and reserve as well as Yachana community lodge and Yarina wildlife lodge.

Voyagers will deliver some of the best wildlife and cultural experiences available. We are excited and we hope you can join us!