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The Huaorani, nomads of the Amazon
By Admin - 5/2/2012 They are called "WAO", meaning "people" as opposed to "cowode", "non people", which are all others. The first Waorani were nomadic, traveled and settled randomly throughout their territory, which today are the provinces of Napo, Pastaza and Orellana in the Ecuador Amazon basin. Location: Among the Napo River to the north and the south Curaray, along rivers Yasuni Shiripuno Cononaco, Villain and minor tributaries in an area of ​​678,220 hectares, this is the area of the Waorani people territory. Traditionally they are a nation of skilled hunters and warriors, living in harmony with their natural surroundings.

Amazon travel lodge to lodge in Ecuador
By Admin - 10/13/2011 Voyagers travel will be organizing a new type of Amazon travel program.

Amazon Village Lodge
By david - 6/30/2010 What a fantastic experience! I can only recommend this trip, as we had 4 absolutely fantastic days at the Amazon Village Lodge.

Amazing Ecuadorian Amazon!
By willi - 6/30/2010 The Ecuadorian Amazon is one of the most amazing parts of the South Amercian Amazon Basin.